Eclass Educational Solutions
Eclass Educational Solutions

Private Educational Institute Management System

With our commitment to grow over the years we could come up with the Best Software in Private Education Industry with the best track record of 100% success. The clients with our software are 100% satisfied and inspired with our customer support.

The software can handle any institute of any scale. A/L, O/L, Primary, Pre School and even other Courses are no hard job for the system. It currently operates in many Large Scale Institutes together with Medium and Small ones islandwide proving it's versatility.

Eclass Educational Solutions

Why Choose Us?

Private Education Industry being rapid and versatile, to its unique features a software should be capable to handle those complex scenarios assuring Student, Parent and Teacher relationships. We as the industry leader has always assured this, while increasing revenue and quality of the institute while reducing unnecessary costs.

You can always inquire about E_CLASS from any of our clients before joining with us for a long lasting business relationship.

Payment Application

  • Get payments for multiple classes at once
  • Get payments for previous and future months
  • Handle Free, Half and other payment patterns
  • Handle Theory, Revision(TR) and other class scenarios
  • Get Institute and/or Class Admissions
  • Separate cashier logins to assure security
  • Reduce student waiting time by 30%
  • Attendance integrated for Medium and Small institutes to reduce cost

Attendance Marking App

  • Speed up attendance marking process
  • Track not paid for current and previous payments
  • Show whether student is Regular, New or Return
  • Show previous attendance upto last 3 weeks
  • Get total student count with new and return comparing previous attendance
  • Can mark multiple classes from a single mobile device(For Medium and Small classes)
  • Can mark a single class using one or more mobile devices(For Large classes)


  • Immediate student registration for Institute and Classes
  • Dynamic student management to identify active and inactive students
  • Anybody with little or no computer knowlege can handle all system features
  • Increase revenue by 5-10%
  • Reduce material costs and time
  • Assure transparency between Institute and Teachers
  • Hassle free total Educational Institute Management System


System Generated SMSs
  • Attendance and Payment SMSs to parents
  • Attendance and Payment Summary SMSs to Administration and Teachers
SMSs to filtered segments
  • Class cancellations and schedule changes
  • Payment reminders
  • To inactive students to make them return
  • Promotional SMSs within institute
  • Inform parents meetings and other events
  • Target student and parent separately


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