Eclass Educational Solutions

With our commitment to grow over the years we could come up with the Best Software in Private Education Industry with the best track record of 100% success. The clients with our software are 100% satisfied and inspired with our customer support.

The software can handle any institute of any scale. A/L, O/L, Primary, Pre School and even other Courses are no hard job for the system. It currently operates in many Large Scale Institutes together with Medium and Small ones islandwide proving it’s versatility.

Payment Application 95%
Attendance Marking App 93%
General 80%
SMS 98%

Online Learning

Eclass Online

Comprehensive Live and Video options integrated with student payments play a major role in Online Education.

Online Payments

You can pay Student Payments Online via any Credit or Debit Card through a secure banking gateway.

Online Exams

Our comprehensive, modern Online Exam Module covers any type of exam of any scale. Whether it be MCQ, Structured or Essay we have the perfect solution for you.


Fully controllable communication channel is available for you with all the features in modern chat applications.

Lesson Packs

Teachers can bring together several videos, with study materials to create a Lesson Pack.

Previous Lessons

Our software solution allows video lessons of the previous months to be purchased and studied.


Data Packages

Eclass online solutions are delivered with Elearning data packages of all major service providers of the island. So, students only pay a small/ premium fee for data. This helps them to save a lot of money in such a difficult time in the country where living costs are skyrocketing. (Data packages available for as low as Rs. 150.00 per month to access whole Live and Video lessons