Team Eclass Team is a highly enthusiastic group of individuals who are always ready to deliver what our stakeholders need. The senior and junior engineers are connected with clients via our product development team to create effective communication channels which are instrumental in responding to client requests with amazing speed. 

Eclass Educational Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is a quality and customer oriented organization with an islandwide vision and reach. The journey of Eclass began from the purpose of uplifting the Private Education Industry by filling its gaps with technology to match the 21st century. The industry grew heavily in the last 20 – 30 years which […]

Owner Sisulka Higher Education Center – Ratnapura Sisulka is the first institute in the Island to apply the Eclass system as an institute. I was introduced to Eclass by Mr. Charitha Dissanayake back then, who recommended applying the system due to it’s huge benefits to expand as an institute at a time when we used […]

Teacher A/L Physics | Owner Susipvan Higher Education Center- Gampaha Even by the time I joined Eclass in 2016 they were already an established firm. As the time passed since the founding of Susipvan, the requirement for setting up an Institute Management System was high due to the complexity of managing the institute manually. Manual […]