Eclass Educational Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is a quality and customer oriented organization with an islandwide vision and reach. The journey of Eclass began from the purpose of uplifting the Private Education Industry by filling its gaps with technology to match the 21st century. The industry grew heavily in the last 20 – 30 years which helped both industry stakeholders and students. We saw large buildings appearing in the industry, new marketing methods being found, air conditioned lecture halls, comfortable seating facilities for students, conversion of chalk to markers and projectors being used to facilitate lecturing, etc.. 


But, not everybody was very positive to apply Software in the Private Education industry as they were not confident about the software’s ability to handle such complexities and of the quality of the staff who get to operate them. We as Eclass clearly understood their fear and we studied how smooth a solution would be to the Private Education Industry. Our dedication and commitment with the team was a success and everyone now reap the benefits of the hard decision that we took back then providing software for the industry.