Owner Sisulka Higher Education Center - Ratnapura

Sisulka is the first institute in the Island to apply the Eclass system as an institute. I was introduced to Eclass by Mr. Charitha Dissanayake back then, who recommended applying the system due to it’s huge benefits to expand as an institute at a time when we used old school methods to manage student information, attendance and payments. Though I was reluctant at the beginning, I later decided to give it a go on account of thorough recommendation.


My first concern was whether I could get continuous support from Eclass due to Sisulka institute being far away from Colombo. But, my doubts were immediately cleared as I saw the dedication of the Eclass team and their contribution towards the institute. We have come a long journey together since then, and our relationships were further tightened due to upgrading Eclass for Online solutions together to overcome the challenges of the Corona pandemic.